Give ’em your heart?

You have a lot of nerve asking for an All Time Favorite WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge- All Time Fav..

This is a particularly cruel style of torture to choose ONE.  I have pasted 7 and deleted 8 (don’t ask, sometimes the computer wins).   And where the hell did the ONE I was thinking of go anyway!  I’m sure it was on this drive, or maybe not.  Well I guess this other ONE will have to do…… and this one.  Delete. AAARRGGHHH!

Ok, I got it.


Marking a photo as a favorite is quite difficult for me.  Imprinting a little heart as a sign to the others on the screen that they are inferior…..

OH CRAP! just saw that “Favorites” was plural.

I enjoy shots for different reasons.  Most of the time I take photos revolving around a theme.  They obviously hold memories.  A favorite place, time, event, or all the above.  But maybe it’s not “favorite” so to speak but more of a photo that initiates a flood of memories attached to a person who has passed on.  This is the trumpet that played Taps at my grandfather’s funeral.


Sorry to see you go WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge- All Time Fav.



French vineyard maintenance is absolutely astounding.  The land is covered with vineyards that are meticulously pruned and straight.


Day after day they park their utility car on the edge and prune before the vine shows  any green.


This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge- Lines is a pleasure.  The lines of the vines, the lines of the rows, and the line of the posts.



Wat Ban Den near Chiang Mai, Thailand holds a massive reclining Buddha with a striking smile. My attention kept coming back to the red lips even in all the gold and decorative tile work.

To me it looks like a smile of contentment.

Thank you WordPress for the nudge today.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

I’d rather be….

I’m a champion for the be here and now mindset.  Folks also tell me that I have an amazing amount of patience.

That said, I can find interest in almost any location but I often find myself wanting to return to past places or activities.

This WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge  is a doozy.   I have challenged myself to choose only one.

Driving in the a rig that will never quit, looking for critters.

72 Scout II currently resting my parent’s back yard eagerly awaiting my return.


Danish pheasants seem more relaxed (hygge) and A little less camera-shy.



Connections this week between the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge and finding oneself in Odense, Denmark leads to a story-teller.



World famous Hans Christian Andersen.



The Ugly Duckling was written by H.C. Andersen

The Emperor’s New Clothes translated to Hindi

An impressive career as a writer mostly known for fairy tales.

Thanks for the prompt.