Give ’em your heart?

You have a lot of nerve asking for an All Time Favorite WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge- All Time Fav..

This is a particularly cruel style of torture to choose ONE.  I have pasted 7 and deleted 8 (don’t ask, sometimes the computer wins).   And where the hell did the ONE I was thinking of go anyway!  I’m sure it was on this drive, or maybe not.  Well I guess this other ONE will have to do…… and this one.  Delete. AAARRGGHHH!

Ok, I got it.


Marking a photo as a favorite is quite difficult for me.  Imprinting a little heart as a sign to the others on the screen that they are inferior…..

OH CRAP! just saw that “Favorites” was plural.

I enjoy shots for different reasons.  Most of the time I take photos revolving around a theme.  They obviously hold memories.  A favorite place, time, event, or all the above.  But maybe it’s not “favorite” so to speak but more of a photo that initiates a flood of memories attached to a person who has passed on.  This is the trumpet that played Taps at my grandfather’s funeral.


Sorry to see you go WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge- All Time Fav.