Favorite Place…

Another wonderful WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge to jump start the mental typewriter.

High Camp” with “Turkey Ridge” just below it. Both face the same sunrise.

I don’t play favorites to the seasons. I love them all. 3 degrees below zero F, raining like a cow pissin’ on a flat rock, crispy fall or dry as a popcorn fart.

Out of this World


A chicken egg washed up on the beach of Cambodia.  Weathered yet still intact except for being hollow.  It was out-of-place and appears to be somewhat space like.  Reminds me of those earth pics from space at night showing the city lights.

I’m pretty excited about this challenge.  My family has been traveling around the world for 6 months.  I’m hoping these challenges get me back on the writing horse.

I seem stuck.  Maybe it’s the culture and climate change that came with being in SE Asia for 4 months then finding yourself in Denmark taking care of a farmhouse in the snow.

Thanks WordPress for the prompt.

WordPress weekly photo challenge