Oahu, Hawaii.  An eye popping, jaw dropping experience for the boys.  Actually this first stop on the RTW trip surprised all of us with roosters crowing before sunrise.  Sea turtles becoming just as curious about us as we were of them.  We we given mangoes from the tree in the yard.

The west side of Oahu is not as well off financially.  That or they decide to spend their money on raising families, very loud yet crystal clear car stereos to blast any time.  All sorts of fixed up two stoke engines with two or four wheels to zip around on, also at all hours.  Fences, the amount of fences and pad locks is amazing.  Each house has gated entry to the car port, the walkway, the front door.  Our place was part of a duplex and we had four gates each with a pad lock.  Locksmithing looks like the best career path on this side.   


The boys getting a surprise visit from a green sea turtle (Just left of them)

 The boys did a lot of rolling in the surf. 





The view opposite Barbecue Kai

 Cheese burgers for $2.50 for the boys and a recommended double cheese burger with barbecue sauce for $3.50.  Light only shows the “BAR” section of the BARBECUE KAI sign.  The menu prices are written with Sharpie on masking tape and stuck to a back lit Pepsi menu board.  I don’t think they are in it for the money.  There isn’t greed here.  Counter service and a couple of picnic tables.  The atmosphere reminded me of a drive-in-movie conssession stand.  Everything from burgers to a side of somen noodles that was a quart container full.  My Wife said it was a recommendation and that it was just a side.  It was a meal for two.  I would recommend this local favorite over the golden arches across the street.  

3 thoughts on “Hawaii

  1. Thanks much for the pictures in Hawaii.
    Sounds like a great experience.
    What was name of the place you had those burgers and noodles.


  2. Checking in today for first time. Keep the photos and story going. Call me Macgygurr, hell I didn’t even use my wallet to get me from Boise to Portland and back. Thanks for the help at the pumps. Seems my good looks weren’t going to get me far.

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