Hawaii or Hawai’i?

Soak it in boys.
Our time in Hawaii has come to an end and Just when you think you knew something.  Like how to spell Hawaii for example.  There is a movement in the state to change it to Hawai’i.  I’ve been seeing signs spelled both ways.  You really start to second guess all you know or at least what you learned on the mainland.

We stayed in a small one bedroom house that pushed us together sometimes more than we could stand.  The heat and humidity was seasonally high according to the locals and it controled what we could bear.  Before noon swimming was the key to keeping us from being too tired and cranky for sand removal late in the day.

I am filling this post with the view from my eyes.  The photo at the top is by far one of my favorites.  I see two young jedi looking longingly into the distance and the future.





One thought on “Hawaii or Hawai’i?”

  1. like the bird prints in the sand. Thanks for sharing your adventure Nate. The photos feel like I am there myself.

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